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AGES 7-13

Are you looking for the best way to challenge your child and set them up for lifelong success?

We use the iKALI program to teach effective self-defense skills for students of all experience levels. As a Filipino Kali Academy (FKA) we use a progressive curriculum designed to teach students everything from  empty-hand self-defense  and ground grappling to impact weapons and self-defense skills in any situation.


The "Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn" philosophy instills leadership and helping others. Juniors classes are a great way for children to learn respect, gain confidence, learn self defense techniques, and exercise.

For more information on how to get started contact Guro Katie at info@leveragekali.com





Regardless of martial experience or fitness level, this class is great for any adult interested in learning fundamental martial techniques, Kali techniques, and getting in a good workout.  Each class consists of a cardio workout, pushing, kicking, fatigue drills, and open hand, blade, or stick Kali techniques.  Leverage prides itself in its cooperative teaching environment and upholding the Kali saying "Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn".  Here, everyone has the opportunity to expand their martial knowledge from every one in the class.  

For more information on how to get started contact Guro Katie at info@leveragekali.com

Our classes have transitioned to an online platform.

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The Women Warrior Kali class is where women of all fitness levels come for a workout, learning self defense skills, and EMPOWER each other. Each class consists of cardio, strength training, and Kali (Blade, Sticks and Empty Hand). Women who have taken this class have surprised themselves with an inner and outer strength they didn't know they had. Besides getting an exhausting workout, and practical self defense knowledge, this class provides a community in which students uplift and encourage each other. 

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This class is specifically designed for women who may not feel comfortable training with men for various reasons, with a female instructor.

Domestic Violence is on the rise due to COVID 19 - if you or someone you love is in this situation please seek help ASAP - Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter is a great resource! 

There is also financial assistance/scholarship for LEVERAGE KALI CLASSES to Domestic Abuse Survivors - Find your STRONG! 




Private and semi private classes are great for students looking to learn particular skills.  Whether you are a college student looking for self defense skills or someone who learns better in a one on one setting, these classes are perfect.  With flexible learning objectives and lesson plans catered to the individuals, private/semi private classes help students excel in fitness, self defense, and Kali.