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Where passions collide.


Leverage Fitness and Defense was founded on so many passions.  A passion for Kali, a passion for fitness, a passion for art, and a passion for giving back to the community. Leverage is not a place where you just take class. It's a place where you make lasting relationships and learn life long skills. 


Katie Aber, owner and head instructor of Leverage Fitness and Defense, is driven by her love of fitness, Kali, art, and community.  In any Leverage class you take, you will have her sweating right next to you because she believes in teaching by example. Katie is a perpetual learner when it comes to expanding her Kali technique. She believes there will never be an end to the possibility in what one can learn.  Katie is also a skilled visual artist who believes that Kali is an art form that represents strength and empowerment.  Most importantly, Katie believes in the power of building a community and the significance of giving back. Her students have become a family that respect each other through the learning and teaching of martial arts.  Every student at Leverage gets a good workout with an emphasis on functional fitness, learns and practices self defense techniques, and, most importantly, encourages and empowers each other to achieve more.  


Photo Credit: Brandon Snider, Black Belt Magazine

Tuhon Apolo Ladra, the founder of iKali (artofblade.com), often comes to visit Katie and her students.  Classes with with Tuhon Apolo consist of learning new techniques while at the same time fine tuning the important foundations of Kali.  His classes are always filled with laughter and smile but students walk away with a lot of knowledge.  

Leverage Fitness and Defense is an affiliate of iKali and the Kali 4 Kids curriculum stems from the iKALI Academy. Katie attends his seminars across the U.S. in order to help her students progress so it is a great honor to be able to learn from Tuhon Apolo when he can visit.

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